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As a part of the Department of Communication of the University of Vienna, the Vienna Advertising and Media Effects (AdMe) Research Group deals with the impact of modern media environments on people's thinking, behavior, and opinions. The research focus of our group includes areas such as marketing communication, advertising effectiveness, hybrid forms of advertising, political advertising, as well as the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral effects of mass media more generally. Working with quantitative and qualitative social science methods, we integrate scholarship from communication science, social psychology, political science, and marketing.



New AdME position! We are currently looking to fill the position of a Junior Researcher for our research project Food Product Placements in Children's Movies: Content, Mechanisms and Protective Measures. If you are interested in joining AdME, please check here for more details.


New article! Christian von Sikorski's & Maria Hänelt's (German Sport University Cologne, Germany) article "Scandal 2.0: How valenced reader comments affect recipients' perception of scandalized individuals and the journalistic quality of online news" was recently published in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.


New grant! The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy will fund our research project "The Political Participation Observer. A Citizen Science Tool for Tracking Political Participation" as part of its Citizen Science program. In this project, citizen scientists will collect all political participation offers and possibilities in their day-to-day environment and share this information on the project platform. The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of the participation culture in Austria.


New publication! Studies in Communication | Media published the article "Campaigning subtle exclusionism: The effects of right-wing populist positive ads on attitudes toward foreigners in Austria" by Franziska Marquart & Jörg Matthes (vol. 5 / issue 2, pp. 223-239).


Top Paper Award at ICA 2016! The paper "Misleading consumers with green advertising? Comparing the effects of false and vague greenwashing claims" by Desirée Schmuck and Brigitte Naderer received the Top 1 Student Paper Award from ICA's Environmental Communication Division at the annual ICA conference in Fukuoka, Japan.


More publications! The International Journal of Communication published an article entitled "Selective exposure in the context of political advertising: A behavioral approach using eye-tracking methodology" by Franziska Marquart, Jörg Matthes & Elisabeth Rapp.


The article "Wissensvermittlung durch Produktplatzierungen. Lerneffekte von platzierten Marken- und Produktinformationen in unterhaltenden Medieninhalten" by Stefan Brunbauer and Jörg Matthes recently appeared in vol. 61(2) of the journal Publizistik.

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