Dr. Desirée Schmuck, BSc

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Währinger Straße 29 (Zi. 7.37), 1090 Wien
T: +43-1-4277-493 66
eFax: +43-1-4277-8493 66

Consultation: based upon prior agreement

eMail: desiree.schmuck@univie.ac.at

Desirée Schmuck is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna since October 2017. She holds a PhD in Media and Communication Studies since July 2017. Her PhD thesis explored how right-wing populist political campaigns influence intergroup relations between majority and minority members. Her main research interests focus on political communication, media stereotypes and discrimination as well as on digital media and well-being. 

Awards & Acknowledgements

  • 2018, March
    Doc.Award 2018 of the City of Vienna and the University of Vienna for outstanding doctoral theses at the University of Vienna for the dissertation "Us against them: The effects of right-wing populist political advertising on intergroup attitudes".
  • 2017, October
    Research Award for the proposal on "'Do Muslims hate us?' Effects of repetitive exposure to anti-Muslim political mobilization on young Muslims' hostility and support for violent action over time", Department of Communication, University of Vienna.
  • 2017, August
    Top 1 Faculty Paper Award, AEJMC, Political Communication Interest Group: Schmuck, D., Matthes, J., & Paul, F.: "Young Muslims' Responses to Anti-Islamic Right-Wing Populist Campaigns: Discrimination, Social Identity Threats, and Hostility"
  • 2017, August
    Top 3 Student Paper Award, AEJMC, Communication Theory and Methodology Division: Karsay, K. & Schmuck, D.: "Effects of weight loss reality TV show exposure on adolescents' explicit and implicit weight bias"
  • 2017
    Top Student Paper Award
    , International Communication Association, Communication and Technology Division: Hameleers, M., & Schmuck, D.: "It's us against them: A comparative experiment on the effects of populist messages communicated via social media"
  • 2016, June
    Top 1 Student Paper Award
    , International Communication Association, Environmental Communication Division: Schmuck, D. &, Naderer, B.: "Misleading consumers with green advertising? Comparing the effects of false and vague greenwashing claims"
  • 2015
    Research Award
     for the proposal on "Weak, sad, and lazy fatties. The effects of reality weight loss TV shows on adolescents' explicit and implicit stereotypes toward obese people", Department of Communication, University of Vienna.
  • 2015, May
    Top 3 Faculty Paper Award
    , International Communication Association, Mass Communication Division: Matthes, J., Marquart, F., Naderer, B., Arendt, F., Schmuck, D., & Adam, K.: "Questionable Research Practices in Experimental Communication Research: A Systematic Analysis from 1980 to 2013
  • 2014
    uni:docs - Fellowship Programme for Doctoral Candidates

    Research Project: "The Effects of Right Wing Populist Ads on Implicit And Explicit Attitudes Toward Immigrants" (Supervisor: Jörg Matthes)
  • 2013, August
    Top 3 Faculty Research Paper Award
    , AEJMC, Advertising Division: Matthes, J., Wonneberg, A., Schmuck, D.: "Taking a closer look at green ads. Consumers' green involvement and the persuasive effects of emotional versus functional advertising appeals"