Below you find a list of current and past externally funded projects. For more information, please check our recent publications, or send an eMail to the listed contact persons.

  • Measuring the Loss of Image due to Time Delays
    DE: "Projekt zur Messung des Imageverlustes durch Zeitverzögerungen"
    Duration: 2021
    Project funded by the Wiener Linien (Viennese Public Transport Operator)
    Contact: Jörg MatthesAlice Binder

  • Perfect Picture, Imperfect Life? The Relationship Between Personal Instagram Use and Subjective Life-Satisfaction – A Linkage Analysis
    Duration: 2019
    Project funded through the Fritz Karmasin-Award of the Austrian Society of Communication (ÖGK)
    Contact: Kathrin Karsay • Brigitte Naderer
  • Effects of Austrian Monopolists' Betting and Gambling Ads – Update 2018
    Duration: 2019
    Project funded by the Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling (OVWG)
    Contact: Jörg Matthes
  • Effects of Food Placements in Narrative Children's Media on Children's Healthy Eating Behavior. Long Term Effects, Activation and Attention Allocation, as well as Effective Presentations
    Duration: 2018-2020
    Project funded by the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Central Bank of the Republic of Austria)
    Contact: Jörg Matthes
  • Effects of Austrian Monopolists' Betting and Gambling Ads
    Duration: 2017
    Project funded by the Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling (OVWG)
    Contact: Jörg Matthes
  • Populist Political Communication in Europe: Comprehending the Challenge of Mediated Political Populism for Democratic Politics
    Duration: 2014-2018
    Project funded by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
    COST Action: IS 1308
    Austrian participation project: "Populist Political Communication in Austria. Strategies, Media Attention, and Audience Effects"
    Contact for Austrian part project: Jörg Matthes
  • The Antecedents of Public Opinion Expression. A Cross-National Study of Debate Participation, Project 15 within Module 4 of the NCCR Democracy
    Duration: 2009-2014
    Project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation
    Methods: Cross-national public opinion surveys
    Contact: Jörg Matthes
  • Reception of News on Migration – the Audience Studies within the large-scale project "Mediation of Migration: Media Impacts on Norwegian Immigration Policy, Public Administration and Public Opinion"
    Duration: 2011-2015
    Funded by the Research Council of Norway (in collaboration with colleagues from the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, Norway).
    Methods: Focus groups, surveys, content analysis
    Contact: Jörg Matthes